Our company takes into consideration development of metal industries by saving high quality equipments, clever and specialist labors, engineers, technicians and administrators to increase our standard of production and also our organization is considered a member in engineering industries chamber and car feeding industries association since 1997.

Making training courses for engineers, technicians and administrators, preparing feasibly studies, ability to develop our industries and following up all applied developments to increase the standard of production of our corporation to cope with development and advancing the industry.

Making a periodical meetings to follow up the market requirements and increase the customer service level.

Meet all customer requirements considering all precious details.

We apply quality policies to serve the Egyptian market and meet all customer requirements.

By exerting the maximum level of effort we have achieved our mission and seeking for achieving more developments. We promise our customers by presenting the up dated technology in the metal industries with addition to high level of quality by depending on specialist experts in this field.

Eng.Salem Ismail Salem
Founder and Owner